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How to choose the correct grip size for your golf clubs?

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Selecting the appropriate grip size is a crucial element of your golf game, as it directly influences the player's connection with the golf club through their hands. Numerous online guidelines exist to help determine the ideal grip size, encompassing considerations such as hand and finger measurements, as well as the size of the golf glove you intend to wear.

The grip is crucial. A proper size and tack allow for more effective and repetitive swings. A grip that is too thin can result in overactive hands and premature club face closure. On the other hand, a grip that is too thick will reduce club face closure and leave it open at times of impact.

 Grip Tack: 

Golf grips at Golf Garage and elsewhere will have various types of rubber used, different tread patterns, corded and non corded grips etc. The Cord grips are great for humid conditions and also for players who tend to sweat more in their palms. The Cord on the grip helps to absorb the sweat thus promoting a good hold on the club nonetheless. If you do not have any of such above problems, the Karma Velour grip, which is very similar in design with one of the most played grips, the Golf Pride Tour Velvet, is available at our store. The Karma Neion on the other hand has a different tread patterns, creating a nice tacky yet soft grip feeling on the hold. Another advantage with the Neion while the rubber quality exudes excellence, the colors on offer such as Neon green and orange add that little bit of color to your personality. 

Grip size: 

Some top golf grip brands such as Golf Pride use a very simple yet effective way to determine your golf grip size. Their metric is based on the length from the crease of your wrist to your longest finger. If you were to simply take a ruler to check the length in this manner, you will have a great understanding of the grips you should install on your clubs.


What if my hand size is between the given range? 

This is a good question. You must have heard players saying “I use two wraps under my grip”, this is exactly what the club fitter recommends recommends in this case as well. Depending on how much is the difference between the calculation, players may get 1 or 2 or even 3 wraps added under the grips. We do not recommend more than 4 extra wraps to be added under any grip. 

Putter Grips: 

Putting grip is a very different scenario than swing grips. Putting is so much about feel that no calculation really comes in handy in this department. In a general sense, players with overactive wrists during putting prefer to play Jumbo or Midsize putter grips, conversely players who like a more of a flowing putting stroke prefer the pistol size grips. 

Golfers who tend to prefer a lighter head weight also seem to prefer the more Jumbo or Midsize grips and the weight of the grip helps to counter balance some amount of the head weight. Players who are more feel oriented prefer to feel the head weight in the putter which helps them to gauge their putts a lot better, seem to prefer a thinner putter grip, somewhat like a pistol size. 

It is recommended that players with overactive hands can try a Jumbo/ oversize/ midsize putter grip to reduce the face closure to have a putter face square to the target line at impact. Conversely the players who have poor face rotation through impact, should try checking their grip size, it might be too thick. 

The quickest way to find which grip thickness golf size you need is to measure your hand. This can be done by using a ruler and measuring from the tip of your middle finger all the way down your open palm to where the heel of your hand meets your wrist.


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