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Buying a pair of golf shoes isn’t always easy, as there are numerous designs on the market, all of which are available with different materials and with a variety of spike options. This means that the shoe made type are often overwhelming for keen golfers and beginners alike. To help you out, we’ve put together this guide to purchasing golf shoes in India, which covers everything you would like to think about while you’re shopping, and the way you'll make sure you choose footwear that’s getting to assist you perform at your best.

Make sure you have answers to below questions first before planning to make a move in purchasing golf essentials that is the shoes-

Are golf shoes really necessary?

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s been playing golf for years, a pair of good-quality shoes can help to enhance your performance massively. Plus, wearing shoe that is designed specifically for the game can offer you peace of mind especially when you’re golfing in long or wet grass.

Can you wear golf shoes off the course?

Wearing golf shoes off the course is usually considered to be against golfing etiquette to not mention it could lead on to the soles of your footwear becoming worn much earlier than they otherwise would. So, wherever possible, we might recommend keeping it strictly for the course.

What shoes should I buy?

You might be surprised by what percentage different sorts of golf shoes in India are on the market. You’ll have numerous options available when it comes to the materials they’re made from, whether they have spikes or not, and what overall design they have.

What styles are available?

Cheapest shoes are available online within a variety of various designs and, to settle on the proper pair for you, it’s vital that you simply consider your requirements, also because the conditions you tend to golf in.

Spiked or cleated

When you consider purchasing the cheapest shoes online, it’s likely that spiked or cleated styles are the primary to first come in our sight. They have a really classic look and offer many traction.

Spike less

In recent years, spike less shoe have seen a surge in popularity, and with good reason: they look great and are comfortable to wear.

Golf boots

While golf boots aren’t nearly as common as shoe, they might make an excellent addition to your kit if you regularly play in autumn and winter when the weather’s not at its best. They tend to seem almost like hiking boots and are usually waterproof.

Which material will suit you best?

You also need to make sure what material you would suit your shoe to be made of, as this would determine the kind of weather and terrains they’re best suited to. Whereas, choosing your golf shoe is quite an important decision and you should take care of it to ensure that the shoe you buy must be the ones that will allow you to concentrate on improving your golf instead making you uncomfortable while playing.