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Tees For Perfect Strokes

Tees are a vital part of the golf game used to stand the ball before hitting it with the club. In golf, this Tee is usually used to hit each hole's first stroke. Teeing the golf ball is sometimes only allowed for the first stroke, while other times, players may also be allowed teeing for different strokes.

Whatever the requirement, a golf tee is a crucial tool for each golf player. These are available in two different materials, wood and plastic. Depending on the player's condition and use of the Tee, you might opt for any option.

Dimension of Tee

Standard golf tee comes in sizes 2.125 inches or 5.4 cm though tees longer and shorter than this size are permitted. However, according to the ordinary rule book, the Tee must not extend the length of 4 inches. Also, the rule book states that the manufacturers must not design the Tee so that it doesn't indicate the ball's direction and swing.

Golf Tees at Golf Garage

Golf Garage is one of the most prominent online sellers & manufacturers in the field of golf kits and accessories. We design and manufacture each product perfectly and according to the rule books. In our online store we have tees in two types of material: wood and plastic.

Plastic Tees at Golf Garage

We at Golf garage have a collection of plastic Tees with a high-quality plastic material that lasts longer. You can use this plastic for months to come. The specialty of the plastic tees is that They can bend up to 90 degrees, making them durable for many strokes.

Wooden Tees

Golf Garage Store has a collection of wood Tees with premium quality wood material that are durable for a long time. We have a pack of 100 Tees of different sizes that are suitable for different types of strokes.

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