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Golf Garage is a concept started in India by professional golfer and coach Rahul Bajaj. Golf Garage started on a simple premise that golf equipment in the 21st century costs an arm and a leg and we believe that will be a hindrance to the growth of the game in India as well as inhibit lots of people from playing the sport. Golf equipment even if an older model, has the capability to perform at its optimum even ten years down the line.

While this is where the idea stems from, what makes GG different from anyone else that sells pre owned clubs, that could be your local golf shop or your local caddy? At Golf Garage every product is vetted before it is purchased for its quality. We check the originality of the clubs and also their condition. Our team looks closely at any damages that the club heads or shafts must have faced. At Gg our priority is to be able deliver an original product at an affordable price. The wear-out of clubs plays a huge part in determining how it should be priced and what kind of condition rating these clubs deserve. Every club is only priced according to its model and condition, our product goes through thorough checks by 2 people before it is purchased and goes through more after its purchased and before we add it to our website. Depreciation of models as well as their wear out plays part in determining price. We use the PGA Value guide to tell us what is the depreciated value of the clubs, staying in line with industry standards. This process helps us in pricing correctly and effectively so that we stay true to the GG motto of ‘making golf affordable’. The PGA Value guide is a world known website to determine true value of old clubs.

Having played golf for India and professionally for over a dozen years, Rahul has taken keen interest in equipment and has always found that a better bet in terms for value for money has been missing from the market. This is the gap that Golf Garage tries to fill out.

Established in Oct 2018 as a Partnership Firm, Golf Garage has been awarded 10 Best Sports Start Up of the Year 2023 by Silicon Business Magazine. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO-14000 certified, Golf Garage  prides itself in its ability to meet the needs of the Golf Lovers with premium pre-owned Golf Equipment of any brand Countrywide at affordable cost. Golf Garage is a green industry business. It uses sustainable and biodegradable materials and as little water and energy as possible, while cutting carbon emissions, and utilizes raw materials in renewable and eco-friendly ways.

By its very concept, its business process is based on the principle of recycling, reducing and reuse of the Golf Equipment, consequently, causing environment protection and reducing its carbon footprint. 



Founder: Rahul is an Asian Games Medalist and has played golf competitively for India as well as professionally. He continues to stay connected to the game and is certified golf instructor by different certifying bodies of golf teaching. He is also Category A Golf Teaching Professional certified by NGAI under the aegis of IGU. He is passionate about helping people play better golf. At GG he is trying to do what’s needed in the game of golf, make good products available to people who do not have access to them. With his knowledge of the game he makes sure that all the staff learns about the game and checks all equipment properly before it is given to the golfer themselves.