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Unveiling Golf Garage's Online Custom Shop for Golfing Excellence

Golf Garage

Greetings for the New Year!

As you are well aware, Golf Garage was founded on the premise of providing everyone in India with a value-for-money golf equipment website, where individuals from across the country could purchase golf clubs at an affordable, value price. At Golf Garage, we have always been meticulous about the quality of clubs presented through our website.

In July 2023, we began to notice that we were struggling to meet the specific demands of our clients. Occasionally, we didn't have the exact club someone needed, and other times we faced challenges with particular specifications. In the pre-owned segment, we could sometimes deliver the product a client wanted, but there were instances when we couldn't.

This challenge led to the creation of the Online Custom Shop at GG. Drawing on memories of different budget club-making companies introduced to me by various club fitters, I delved deeper into the fascinating world of golf clubs from unknown brands that performed exceptionally well. One of my first experiences was in 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where a club fitter named Nathan Hauser introduced me to a set of Tom Wishon irons. This non-brand-conscious choice marked my first foray into the market of custom clubs.

Returning to 2023, determined to solve the supply problem, the GG team and I began sourcing club heads, shafts, and grips from various manufacturers. We tested products from Acer to Maltby to Dynacraft, covering wedges to drivers and putters. The testing process involved building, testing, and sometimes discarding products that didn't meet our quality standards.

Our testing journey brought its share of challenges, especially with steel shafts. It took multiple rounds of testing until we found a high-quality yet value-for-money steel shaft that met our criteria. On the other hand, Apollo's graphite shafts fit our needs from the start.

After extensive in-house testing involving myself, friends, and students, the process culminated in November 2023. This marked the birth of the all-new Online Custom Shop at Golf Garage – a groundbreaking custom-fitting experience. Now, golfers can order a set of clubs tailored to their specifications, whether in steel or graphite, with standard or midsize grips, in a forgiving cavity-back or a more player-oriented forged head.

We launched 6 different graphite options and 7 types of golf grips for golfers to choose from. From weight and shaft flex to grip color and size, every aspect is now accessible to golfers anywhere in India. We also added new shafts at a starting price of just Rs2900/- and Karma Grips at Rs490/- onwards.

To enhance the club-building experience, we added new machinery to our workshop. Each club at GG is spined and flo'd before assembly. The choice of clubs ranges from Acer for its woods and forgiving oversized irons to Maltby Golf for its irons and wedges – all customizable to your needs.

The best part? The price point is incredible, with irons starting from Rs37900/-, a driver from Rs16900/-, and a hybrid at just Rs7900/-, all fitted to your specifications.

Welcome to a new era of customized, high-quality golfing at Golf Garage.


- Rahul Bajaj, Founder - Golf Garage 


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