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 Are you one of those who wants to play golf but doesn’t know where to begin? Does entering a golf course intimidate you? Golf has carried the badge of being an elitist as well as expensive sport over the years, leaving many of its takers wary of walking into a golf course, especially if they haven’t ever had anyone golfing in their family. This is a general trend I have noticed. The new guy who has seen some golf on TV will find it intimidating to say the least before he enters the course, and for reasons which are rather...

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  Golf is a true test of character they say. After so many years of playing the sport, I couldn’t agree more. A round of golf is played over 18 holes and takes more than 4 hours to finish. During this, a golfer is presented with multiple challenges and their goal is to navigate their way through these challenges while taking the least number of strokes. A round, good or bad, is full of highs and lows. As a golfer attempts to tackle these situations, his/ her character traits come forth. These can be strengths or weaknesses. Here is a...

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The various things to consider when buying pre owned golf equipment in India

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Check out these funny golf one liners. Its always nice to have a little laugh!

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Rohit Varma describes his tryst with the game of golf. The love and hate of it all!

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