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True Temper Elevate MPH 85GM R Parallel Iron Shaft

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Designed to combat the low spin industry trend, Elevate MPH (Maximum Peak Height) is the lightest and highest launching Elevate shaft ever made, allowing for maximum speed and carry distance. Featuring ultra high strength vanadium enriched steel alloy, Elevate MPH shafts remain stable even at such lightweight designs.  


  • Lightest weight, highest launching version of the Elevate MPH series of premium steel shafts
  • Designed to maximize club head speed and distance while maintaining the feel and stability of a premium steel shaft
  • Delivers increased trajectories resulting in optimal landing angles to help hold more greens
  • Tip Trimming Instructions:
    • 2i: 0.0"
    • 3i: 0.0"
    • 4i: 0.5"
    • 5i: 1.0"
    • 6i: 1.5"
    • 7i: 2.0"
    • 8i: 2.5"
    • 9i: 3.0"
    • W: 3.5"


            • R-Flex
              • Butt: .580"
              • Tip: .370"
              • Weight: 84g
              • Length: 40"
              • Bend Point: Low
              • Parallel Tip Section: 14"
              • Rating: 3B3H
                • Swing Speed: 77-92mph
                • Focus on Control and Distance
                • High Trajectory
                • Assists with a Hook

            All shafts come as uncut raw shafts in a pack of 7pc.