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SK Fiber Pro 115 Graphite Putter Shaft

SK Fiber Pro 115 Graphite Putter Shaft

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Graphite putter shafts are the rage right now. A very stiff, low torque graphite putter shaft eliminates any wiggle or deflection of the putter head and feels spectacular on top of that. The thick shaft walls of the SK Fiber 115 putter shaft provide a natural vibration dampener and provides excellent feel and performance. Not to mention the graphic-less matte black finish looks awesome!

This is a straight putter shaft that is a .370 tip, but can also be gently sanded to fit a .355 putter head. These shafts can only be used in a hosel or socket, not an over-post design. The shaft weighs 115 grams and is 36" long. There's nothing like a black putter shaft to finish off a quality build!

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