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Me And My Golf Target Golf Towel - Includes Instructional Training Videos

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  • Target Towel – Create a landing or putting zone by securing the towel to the ground. Fits around a conventional golf hole and flag.
  • Pitch, Chip & Putt – Many options when it comes to setting up different drills. Improve your putting focus, playing fades and draws and using your irons.
  • Double Sided – One side that you can use the target on the green for lag putting or chipping off the green for short approaches. The other side can be used with a driver with a centre tee.
  • Swing Path & Alignment – The towel can be folded in half for club path and angle of attack. Develop your setup and shot execution.
  • Training Videos – Access the ME AND MY GOLF training video vault. Watch Piers Ward and Andy Proudman present exclusive tips and coaching on how to get the most out of your training aid. The set of videos will support your use of the training aid with specific drills to develop your game.