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Me And My Golf Impact Club Swing Training Bag

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  • Instant Feedback – Help diagnose the reasons for slicing or hooking as the impact bag provides instant feedback from your swing at that critical moment of impact.
  • Strengthens Upper Body – Build upper body strength with regular usage and help build consistency of swing to improve upper body movement and distance on all shots.
  • Impact Target – With a clear impact target zone you can get a better understanding of the impact of your club face.
  • Sturdy Design – With a reinforced carry handle you can move around confident in the quality to take where you need. Pad out the bag with towels or sheets to provide a good surface for swing impacts.
  • Training Videos – Access the ME AND MY GOLF training video vault. Watch Piers Ward and Andy Proudman present exclusive tips and coaching on how to get the most out of your training aid. The set of videos will support your use of the training aid with specific drills to develop your game.