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Karma Revolution Grip

Karma Revolution Grip

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The Karma Revolution grips feature a proven, classic pattern that is a favorite of many golfers. Just the right softness to be easy on the hands and still have the feeling of complete control of the club.

The 360 degree design, without any lettering down the length of the grip, is ideal for adjustable clubs so that nothing looks out of line no matter how the club is adjusted. Many also prefer these grips for easy of installation since there's no logo to adjust when installing.

What is the best golf grip for today's adjustable golf clubs? It is the Karma Revolution grips, which feature a classic color scheme with a familiar and proven grip pattern. The 360-degree design (no logo on the body) is ideal with adjustable drivers, fairway woods and hybrids.                   

Durable Performance

The Karma Revolution grip feature a soft rubber compound.

Technical Specifications

 Mid-Size  Standard
Weight 55 grams 51 grams
Core .600 .600
Thickness +1/32
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