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Dynacraft Driving Iron

Dynacraft Driving Iron

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Incredibly versatile, long and accurate, the Dynacraft Driving Iron Head does it all!

  • Hollow Body Construction
  • Low, Deep Center of Gravity
  • High Performance, High C.O.R. Face For Explosive Distance

A driving iron was the old name for what was once called a #1-iron or the lowest-lofted iron in the set. Today's Dynacraft driving iron head means something totally different and better!

The difference now (even compared to the ones available just a few years ago) is the technology behind it. This head features exotic face materials to achieve the same COR or rebound effect as a modern driver plus better weight distribution for optimizing launch conditions. Enter the Dynacraft Driving Iron.

Dynacraft enters the driving iron arena with this single 18º loft model. They’ve made several similar type clubheads in the past, but the difference is in the face material and construction. They chose a stronger 17-4 stainless steel for the driving iron face, and instead of casting it, they forged it. That way they could “compact the molecules” closer together and create a thinner and variable face thickness with plenty of strength after going through a special vacuum heat treating process. The thinner face around the perimeter is what allows for the face to actually flex, thereby increasing the COR.

The main purpose of the Dynacraft Driving iron is the ability to control the ball off the tee and put yourself in an optimal position for your next shot. This driving iron would easily vie with the 5-wood or possibly even a 3-wood for distance, and your chances of being in the fairway are much higher.

When you are trying to really improve and lower your golf score, often times that comes from better course management. Consider this a game management tool. No, you won’t need to rely on it for every hole (you'll still want to carry the big dog), but on certain holes or in certain situations, it could be as valuable as that specialty wedge or hybrid you carry in your bag.

Off the grass, if you need to hit the ball a long way, this will be the perfect club; there's no need to sacrifice distance anymore!

Club 2 3
Loft 18° 21°
Lie 59.5° 60°
Weight (grams) 235 242
Offset (mm) 4.2 4.0


Club 2 Iron 3 Iron
Men's 39.5" 39"
Ladies 38.5" 38"
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