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Acer XDS Titanium 10.5° Driver

Acer XDS Titanium 10.5° Driver

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Designed for ultimate performance on the golf course, the Acer XDS Titanium 10.5° Driver boasts a 10.5° loft for maximum distance and accuracy. The Apollo Shadow Graphite shaft provides a lightweight and regular/ stiff flex for a smooth swing, while the Karma Velour grip ensures a comfortable and secure hold. Experience exceptional quality and performance with this brand new, GG Certified driver.

  • Brand: Acer Golf
  • Model: XDS Titanium
  • Loft: 10.5°
  • Shaft: Apollo Shadow Graphite
  • Length: 45" Standard
  • Grip: Karma Velour Red
  • Cover: Available

Draw Enhancing Driver

The Acer XDS driver is designed for the vast majority of golfers to experience a distance-enhancing draw off the tee. Features internal heel-weighting which shifts the center of gravity closer to the hosel, assists squaring the face up at impact and enhancing gear effect to impart draw spin. Coupled with the lighter crown and increased head mass ensures greater energy transfer to the ball as well as optimal forgiveness. Additional screw weights available to fine-tune swingweight and/or assembly lengths. Comes with stock 7g screw.


Draw Biased Explained

Most golfers assume the best place to hit the ball is in the center of the face and that is a valid assumption.  In a neutral bias clubhead, the center of gravity will be in-line with the centerline of the face (see diagram)

When discussing the phenomenon called “gear effect”, we state that a shot struck in-line with the horizontal center of gravity would not have any side spin. However any ball struck out on the toe side of the center of gravity would create draw spin. Any ball struck on the heel side; slice spin will occur.

A draw biased clubhead is where the center of gravity is shifted toward the heel.  This would true for any clubhead where the center of gravity is far enough behind the face to produce a gear effect, like in the case with drivers, fairway woods or many hybrids.

neutral bias driver compared to a draw biased driver head

With a draw biased head, the same scenarios occur, but the reference point changes.  No longer is the centerline of the face the position where no side spin will occur.  That would be toward the heel in line with the center of gravity.  A shot struck in the center of the face now on the “toe side” of the center of gravity which will impart draw spin.  How much draw spin will depend upon how far the center of gravity has been shifted toward the heel.

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