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Lush Hibiscus Scrubs by GolfPartee

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Towel features:

- Light, soft and durable
- Ultra absorbent and quick drying
- Superior cleaning ability
- Easily attaches to bag
- Non abrasive and lint free
- Perfect size - 32 x 20 inches
- Exciting prints on both sides

With unmatched performance and style, you will never go wrong with these towels. Add them to your bag now!

Detailed Descriptions:

Golf Towels 

Add some marvellous colours to the course with Golf Partee’s beautiful and eye catching towel designs.

These pro sized waffle towels use a high quality microfiber blend to effortlessly pick up dirt and retain water, keeping your balls, clubs, bag, and the entire game clean. 

The towels are light, soft, durable and clean without scratching the club finish and also look great on any bag. They also come with a carabiner clip and can easily be attached around your bag.

So whether wiping down your clubs or ball to keep your shot on point or wiping your hands after the 19th hole, these golf towels make a welcome addition to any golf lover’s bag and are sure to garner a positive look from everyone on the golf course.

A perfect match for the player who needs style, usability, and a great design. They can also be used on a picnic or at a chill day at the beach. However, please do not use these towels to wipe your dishes at home! 

- ULTRA ABSORBENT & QUICK DRYING - More absorbent and durable than cotton towels.

- SUPERIOR CLEANING ABILITY - Removes even to most stubborn dirt in club grooves and ball dimples

- EASILY ATTACHES TO BAG - Features a clip to attach easily to all types of bags

- NON ABRASIVE AND GUARANTEED LINT FREE - Safe for even your most delicate items like sunglasses or your glossy new driver

- PERFECT SIZE 20 X 32 INCHES - Golf towels are your most used golf accessories and a good sized golf towel is crucial while playing a round

- EXCITING PRINTS ON BOTH SIDES - High fashion prints created by our team to keep you smiling through your round 

With unmatched performance & style, you will never go wrong with this towel. Add it to your bag now.