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Adams Speedline Fast 10 3 Wood

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We at Golf Garage got you brand new pieces of the iconic Adams Golf fairway woods and hybrids. Available in different shaft options. Adams golf was the first company to patent their designs of the hybrid, soon they were acquired by the world renowned company Taylormade. Their designs are still used in manufacturing of the Taylormade hybrids and rescues. 

The Adams Speedline Fast 10 fairway wood is designed to increase distance off the tee and from the fairway. The club is milled to provide precise center of Gravity location to promote a high launch angle with low spin. The head is designed to reduce drag to allow for faster clubhead speeds for longer shots. There are two models of the Fast 10 that differ in the placement of a weight pad on the back of the club. The Neutral model has the weight positioned in the middle while a Draw model has the weight pad placed near the heel to promote a draw.

Note: These clubs are brand new, but their wrapper has been opened. The clubs do not come with wood covers.