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Gel Topaz Ladies Putter

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 Groove Equipment Limited (GEL) Putters incorporate groove technology, essentially the use of grooves both flat and angled to impart topspin to the ball. Independent research has shown that GEL putters impart topspin roll on a ball almost immediately after impact. This helps eliminate the skid or hopping that a golf ball takes when struck by a flat-faced putter.

Developed with input from Tour Pros, GEL putters are constructed with a unique aluminum insert with precision cut CNC grooves that are proven to promote a quicker and straighter roll on the ball. Therefore, with a grooved putter, you are increasing your chances of the putt holding its intended line. Your distance control will also improve because of the more consistent roll you are putting on the ball. GEL (Groove Equipment Limited) putters incorporate the following technology features:


– Approximately an ounce heavier heads than most standard putters
– Innovative grooved aluminum insert for a softer, more responsive feel
– Available in both right-handed and left-handed styles in some models
– Available in styles for both men and women players
– Special GEL designed grip
– includes both blade and mallet styles

These putters have never been used. Putter cover not included. The putters might have a few cosmetic scratches.