Collection: Custom Clubs

The all new Custom clubs at Golf Garage are all about giving our Patrons an access to custom fitted golf clubs, made to order for their specifications.

Custom Golf Club

Custom golf clubs are not just clubs; they are an extension of your individual playing style, swing mechanics, and preferences. Our custom fitting process, overseen by our founder Rahul Bajaj, a Medalist Golfer and Golf Trainer with a stellar reputation, ensures that each club is tailor-made to enhance your performance on the course.

Getting custom golf clubs can offer several advantages, including improved performance, increased comfort, and a better overall golfing experience.


Here are some key aspects to consider when looking into custom golf clubs:

Club Fitting:

The foundation of custom golf clubs is a proper club fitting. This involves analyzing your swing, ball flight, and other relevant factors to determine the ideal specifications for your clubs, such as shaft length, lie angle, loft, and grip size.

Shaft Selection:

The type of shaft you choose can have a significant impact on your game. The shaft's flex, weight, and material all play a role in how the club feels and performs. A professional club fitter can help you find the right shaft for your swing.

Clubhead Design:

Custom club fitting also considers the design of the clubheads. Different golfers may benefit from different clubhead designs based on their skill level, playing style, and personal preferences.

Grip Preferences:

Grip size, material, and texture are important considerations. The right grip can improve your feel for the club and contribute to better control and consistency in your shots.

Customization Options:

Some manufacturers and club fitters offer additional customization options, such as personalized stamping, paint fill, or other aesthetic choices to make the clubs uniquely yours.


Custom golf clubs can be more expensive than off-the-shelf options, so it's essential to establish a budget before seeking customization. However, investing in clubs that suit your game can provide long-term benefits.

Professional Club Fitting:

It's highly recommended to seek the expertise of a professional club fitter. They use launch monitors, swing analysis, and other tools to gather data and provide precise recommendations for your custom golf clubs.

Regular Check-ups:

Your swing and physical condition may change over time, so it's advisable to have periodic check-ups with a club fitter to ensure your equipment remains optimized for your game.

Why Choose Golf Garage for Custom Golf Clubs?

Expert Curation by Rahul Bajaj:

Rahul Bajaj, a Medalist Golfer and Golf Trainer, personally curates each club in our collection. His keen eye for quality ensures that only the finest clubs make it to Golf Garage.

Hand-Inspected for Quality:

Every club undergoes a meticulous inspection process, personally overseen by Rahul Bajaj. This commitment to quality guarantees that you receive a product that meets the highest standards.

Tailored to Perfection:

Our commitment to customization is unparalleled. From shaft flex to clubhead design, every element is tailored to your unique specifications, resulting in clubs that feel like a seamless extension of your game.

Pan-India Accessibility:

Based in India, Golf Garage brings the world of custom golf clubs to your doorstep. Our online platform ensures that golf enthusiasts across the country can access our premium collection with ease.

Performance Assurance:

We don't just sell clubs; we deliver performance. Our custom clubs are designed to enhance your skills, providing the confidence and precision needed to take your game to new heights.

Personalized Service:

Golf Garage is not just a store; it's a personalized golfing experience. Our team is dedicated to assisting you throughout the customization process, ensuring that you find the perfect clubs for your game.

Experience golf like never before with Golf Garage's Custom Golf Clubs – where craftsmanship meets customization, and every swing feels like perfection. Choose quality, choose precision, choose Golf Garage.